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Sebastiaan born, raised and studied in Amsterdam.

As an Architectural Engineer and later as a specialist in tendering for new projects but also guarding the quality of the projects, he worked for a big construction company for several large projects all over the world.

After 10 years he was invited by an Irish Project Developer to be the Project Manager for a large apartment complex in the East of the Algarve. Not only was he responsible for the construction of the total project but also for the marketing and selling of the apartments. During this process he became well known with the desires from the clients but also the difficulties they are confront with when investing in real estate in Portugal.

After living and working over 10 years in the beautiful East Algarve he decided to move and use his specialism in the North of Portugal in the Historical part of Oporto. He quickly noted that due to the current investments by the city council Oporto but also by private investors the historical city changes in a positive way very quickly.

The city of Oporto, built along the hillsides overlooking the Douro River, is an urban landscape with a 2,000-year history. This old and beautiful city has been chosen to be part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.