Incredible Lake side property for development – UNIQUE!



This privately owned exquisitely beautiful, secluded and tranquil peninsula village of just over seven hectares is found close to the little historic town of Ourique and Panóias, the oldest village in the Alentejo region. Abandoned for over half a century, this old picturesque village is now quietly nestled between aged olive tree groves and stone ruins of bygone days evoking humble grandiosity from the natural landscape.
At the moment there is outlined planning permission to build 12 habitation units ranging from a studio apartment to a variety of units up to 3 and 4 bedrooms.. Total construction area 3600m2. The intended function is a condominium made up of these autonomous fractions. The surrounding space would serve as a communal area.

Additional Details

  • Distance Faro
    100 kms


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